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The Outcomes of Greenlight Laser Vapourisation of the Prostate

With more than 10 years of history behind it, there are more than 200 peer reviewed publications relating to the Greenlight XPS and its predecessors, the 80 Watt Greenlight PV system and the 120 Watt Greenlight HPS (High Performance System).

The latest publications relating to the Greenlight HPS confirm:

Greenlight laser vapourisation of the prostate compared to the standard operation of TURP (Transurethral Resection of the Prostate).

  • Is at least as effective in improving waterworks symptoms
  • Is associated with a ZERO risk of heavy bleeding requiring blood transfusion
  • Has a faster recovery and improvement in waterworks symptoms
  • Requires a much shorter hospital stay
  • Requires a much shorter time with a catheter after the operation
  • Has a much lesser risk (almost 50%) of leading to abnormal ejaculation
  • Is NOT associated with any loss of erectile function

For the very latest level 1 evidence published in European Urology, the urology journal with the highest impact factor