• The Greenlight Laser

    Accelerated Prostate Surgery in the New Millennium
  • Rapid return to normality

    We encourage an unrestricted return to normal activities as quickly as patient confidence allows.
  • Greenlight XPS

    Greenlight laser surgery has a proven safety profile that no other prostate surgery can offer.

Introducing the Greenlight XPS laser system

The most exciting step in the evolution of surgery for the symptomatic prostate gland

NICE approved Greenlight Laser in 2016 for the NHS

In June 2016, we were delighted when NICE approved Greenlight Laser Surgery for treatment of BPH in the NHS. 60% of men aged over 60 suffer from this condition and this treatment could benefit 13,600 men and save the NHS £13.6 million a year. For more details on the NICE guidelines visit https://www.nice.org.uk/news/press-and-media/nice-recommends-laser-device-to-help-thousands-of-men-with-an-enlarged-prostate Or read further press coverage in our Articles page

In 2016 advances in techniques used in prostate surgery can mean

A minimal hospital stay

Greenlight laser is the only procedure to reliably offer a day case option. Read more

Low risk of complications

Compared to other operations Greenlight laser has low risk of complications. Read more

Low risk sexual disfunction

This procedure is NOT assiciated with any reported loss of erectile capicity or new impotence. Read more

Symptom improvement

Equally efficacious in improving symptoms compared to standard surgical therapies (TURP). Read more

Rapid return to normal activity

We encourage an unrestricted return to normal activities as quickly as patient confidence allows. Read more

For older and younger men

All men with symptoms related to obstruction of urine from the bladder caused by prostate disease are suitable for this kind of surgery. Read more

The Surgeons

Consultant Surgeon
Neil Barber

Neil Barber is a Consultant Urological Surgeon who was instrumental in the introduction of the first Greenlight Laser machine into the UK in 2002 and has been involved in its evolution ever since. Read more

Consultant Surgeon
Richard Hindley

Richard Hindley is a Consultant Urological Surgeon. Richard successfully introduced the Greenlight laser technique into his private and NHS practices in 2005, performing the first Greenlight case in Hampshire that same year. Read more

Frequently asked questions

  • What kind of anaesthetic is used?

    Greenlight XPS laser vapourisation of the prostate, also known as Photoselective Vapourisation of the Prostate (PVP), may be performed under general or regional local anaesthesia.
  • How long does it take?

    Based on current experience the procedure can take between 15 minutes and one hour determined by the size of the prostate.
  • How long am I in hospital?

    Greenlight laser vapourisation of the prostate is the ONLY procedure that can reliably offer a day case option whatever the size of the prostate.
  • What are the complications?

    Compared with other procedures the Greenlight XPS laser has very low risk of serious complications.
  • Who is suitable for Greenlight laser surgery?

    All men with waterworks symptoms that relate to obstruction to the outflow of urine from the bladder because of prostate disease.

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